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February 22, 2023

6 engaging loyalty programs for mobile apps

A solid loyalty program presents a fantastic opportunity to increase sales, attract new customers and build loyalty among the existing customers. Catch is, your program must appeal to your customers, not you. To help you develop a loyalty program, integrated with a mobile app, we are going to show you six model solutions. The apps you are about to see, have been continuously developed for a time. What lessons can we draw from these projects?

Let's start from the beginning. Loyalty programs are extremely popular in traditional commerce and e-commerce alike. Simply put, they get the job done. They allow vendors to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Build relations and positive UX
  • Plan further development thanks to stable income

If you run an online store, such gains should be of great interest to you, shouldn't they? In many a case, conceiving and creating loyalty programs is by far the shortest if not the most challenging way to achieve those gains. But the effort definitely pays off! You are going to see six models of well envisaged loyalty programs. The key takeaways Let's see!

First, let's take a look at a project that makes us particularly proud. We have been working on the POLOmarket app for several months now. The application is noteworthy for being shortlisted again for the Mobile Trend Awards (2020), first in the commerce category and now in the expanding commerce applications. The app is designed to work in concert with the chain's loyalty program. POLOkarta is a loyalty card, which entitles POLOmarket customers to numerous discounts. POLOkarta is automatically coupled with a phone number given in the course of registration. The entire registration process is handled via payment terminals and takes less than two minutes.

You can learn more about our project for  POLOmarket here. 

Key takeaway: make sure your loyalty program is maximally simple and convenient to use.


Answear is one of the most popular clothing networks on the Polish market. It also boasts an exciting loyalty program. Each purchase is promoted with a 10% of its price value added to customers account for later use. Importantly, the accrued funds can cover up to half of the value of the future shopping orders. 

Answear was adamant in making the loyalty program a part of the mobile app (available on both iOS and Android run devices). 

Key takeaway here: make sure your loyalty program profits your customers.


Until recently, Shell's loyalty program relied on a tangible card, which required customers to scan it each time they purchased fuel. Nowadays, Clubsmart is a 100% mobile app program. 

Program members receive credit points, which can then be exchanged for fuel, car wash tokens or in-store shopping. A 100 credit points yields 1 PLN. Loyal customers can also swap the credit points for various rewards and products, such as gift cards or vouchers. 

Also, Clubsmart allows customers to exchange the points for holidays (in cooperation with, Shell awards 5 credit points for every euro spent) or to rent a car (in cooperation with The terms and conditions of an exchange are alike for either partner).

Key takeaway: Consider expanding your loyalty program to enrich your offer. Perhaps, you have already partnered with companies that would be interested in a joint loyalty program.


The Rossmann Application is one of Poland's most favored and popular apps. Apart from a few practical sales functionalities, such as “Rossmann Go”, which allows customers to scan products on the shelf and pay in-app, the application has an engaging loyalty program. Klub Rossmass Membership is free of charge, and the members are entitled to: 

  • Shop using Rossmann GO 
  • Benefit from special 2+2 extra offers,
  • Are informed first and can partake in selected initiatives,
  • Are entitled to a discount to develop instant photos on site, receive advice and inspiration.

Scanning the app in a store, customers receive points, which are then exchanged for money and donated to a charitable cause - this year the fundraiser supports women in need. 

Rossmann has an independent loyalty program dedicated to future and now parents: Rossnę. Program members are given discounts on baby products, expert advice, special offers and exciting surprise packs. Customers are entitled to become members from the earliest signs of pregnancy until the child turns 10.

Key takeaway: Ensure your program members receive a variety of benefits. The more you offer, the greater the chance that your program will appeal to your customers.


The Sizeer app is another example of our expert work here at Appchance. We were asked to create a mobile application integrated with the Sizeer points-based loyalty program. The Sizeer loyalty program rewards users not only for purchases, but also on completing a variety of assigned tasks. Next, customers can exchange the points for coupons, earned discounts or price reductions, and for rewards.

We were responsible for creating a solution to ensure the best possible customer experience, while placing the discounts and perks within an easy reach. One of the most exciting features offered by the Sizeer app is augmented reality (AR). The AR functionality allows customers all over the world to actually see each shoe model rendered on their own feet. The app has been rated highly (4.0 stars at Google Play and 4.2 at the App Store), which just goes to show that our hard work paid off in full. You can learn more about this app in our case study.

Key takeaway: Encourage your customers to interact with the brand You could reward your customers not only for purchases but also on additional tasks, such as active involvement on your social media channels.


Apart has run their loyalty program, Diamond Club, for quite a while now. Only recently, though, have they decided to make their reward program entirely mobile app-operated. Currently, exclusively mobile run loyalty program by Apart offers more than just a chance to collect points for each purchase.

With Mobile Diamond Club customers can learn the full selection of items offered by Apart, make wish lists or shop at their online store. Diamond Club includes a virtual customer card, used while shopping traditionally or online. As a result, to benefit from discounts and other initiatives guaranteed to club members, customers need only reach for their phones.  Apart implements a 2-tiered card system, issuing gold and platinum cards. The card status depends on the number of points collected by customers. Developing the mobile loyalty program we made sure the program could accumulate points from a variety of sources onto a single user account. If you would like to learn more about this project, take a look at our case study on Apart

Key takeaway: Engineer your loyalty program to be an integral part of your m-commerce strategy. Combine online and offline experiences into a single app. 

Let's recap. Surely, there exists a variety of companies which use mobile apps to facilitate their loyalty programs. Our list comprises only those solutions which have gained our client's approval and answered their needs.

Your company could also enjoy the benefits of mobile applications and loyalty programs! Would you like to learn more about developing mobile apps for e-commerce? The Appchance team is ready and waiting. Contact us today and let us know what you need.