E-book: How to Use the Mobile Channel to Develop Your Business?

Appchance on 27 April 2018

Looking at the general trends, we can see that mobile devices are an inseparable part of the life of a growing part of society. People check information, plan, communicate and make purchases using smartphones. It is worth mentioning that we can’t look at the purchase process only in regard to the number of transactions carried out using a smartphone or tablet. The mobile channel is used to acquire information before choosing an offer and for the distribution of information after choosing it. Therefore, it is worth considering the use of the mobile channel in your business, analyzing not only the market, but also the opportunities it creates. 

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Software House dictionary – 30 terms you should know

Kasia Wolska on 22 January 2018

IT Dictionary, 30 words cover photo

Knowledge of IT vocabulary facilitates communication with the software house responsible for the implementation of a mobile or web application, or other digital product. In this way, the risk of misunderstanding between the client and the contractor is minimised and the decision-making process is accelerated. This knowledge saves time already at the stage of determining the scope of the project and selected technologies. That is why it is a good idea to become familiar with the concepts used in software production to effectively communicate and run the project.

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What information does a software house need to price a project?

Appchance on 6 December 2017

An accurate verification of requirements for creating a product allows a software house to provide the pricing to the client. The quality and quantity of information provided influences the accuracy of estimation. Definitively, you need ask yourself a question – what information will the provider need to understand the way the product should function and what logic and input data will help describe the technology.

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The great web app schism – a short story about the separation of concerns.

Damian Romanów on 23 November 2017

Websites which do not require a full page refresh after the initial load are called Single Page Applications. Fetching additional data and redrawing it in the user screen is performed at the client’s browser. That results in a native-like experience. In spite of their undeniable superiority, adopting SPA should be a conscious decision, not a result of herd instinct. The additional complexity they introduce needs to be handled somehow.

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Who is who in a software house?

Kasia Wolska on 18 October 2017

Roles in a softwarehouse

If you know the range of activities people you work with it is easier to communicate and cooperate. Things are not so obvious when it comes to IT industry. That’s why today we share an explanation of responsibilities of employees working in a software house.

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What is HomeKit and how you can use it.

Piotr Gabryszak on 11 September 2017

Smart Home Apple Home Kit cover photo

HomeKit is a very interesting framework for home automation. It is powerful, easy to use and what is the most important, it allows you to use accessories produced by various manufacturers in a single app. If you are thinking about adding some smartness to your home and you own an iOS device, I encourage you to give it a try.

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Fabric guide – testing iOS apps

Mateusz Tylman on 13 July 2017

fabric testing ios - cover photo article

The iterative way of working allows you to verify the project while new features of the app are built. Developers send in new builds (app versions), thanks to which the client can check them on the spot and suggest changes. Testing an iOS app is possible thanks to e.g. Fabric, a tool letting you share apps outside App Store.

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Business Model Canvas vs Lean Canvas.

Kasia Wolska on 4 July 2017

lean canvas vs business model canvas - cover photo article

Business Model Canvas is a basic tool for defining the way of the functioning of a business. It is a simplified model of a business plan, which is used to verify the quality delivered to clients based on the market conditions. The model enables you to logically examine the relationships within your activity, take a close look at your own proposition and judge it rationally. Business Model Canvas is also a kind of a test – is your business matched with the clients’ needs, and is your proposition profitable?

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User stories – examples and usage.

Kasia Wolska on 4 July 2017

Man on the floor - writing user stories - cover article

User stories are a short description of characteristics and properties of the system expressed as user needs. They are used in product development processes as a part of Agile methodology to identify functions and obtain quality for the user. User Stories are an effect of cooperation between clients who identify the requirements and the vision of the product and the project team who aggregate and verify information. Such communication enables the unification of the vision, solutions and desired effect as well as it minimizes the risk of potential errors.

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