How to build loyalty through mobile apps.

Appchance on 28 March 2018

customer engagement

Among the most effective methods of building loyalty is engaging users via a mobile app. It’s connected with how the medium is consumed and its characteristics, among which there are: personalization of information, continuity, and immediateness of communication, the comfort of use, possibility of introducing native functions. Mobile loyalty 2.0 means dedicated apps enabling constant contact with the users and reacting to their needs in real time.

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Why to outsource software development and what you need to know about it?

Appchance on 19 February 2018

Cooperation with a software house is more than just for people sensitive to the issue of alternative costs. It is also a convenience connected with the possibility of freeing up internal resources and focusing on your key activities. Employing contractors and outsourcing to external companies increases the flexibility of business management and has a number of other advantages.

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Where to outsource software development. And why to Poland.

Kasia Wolska on 6 February 2018

outsourcing software to Poland - bus cover

Companies around the world choose Polish developers for outsourcing their mobile and web app development. The main reasons are high competences and relatively low costs of hiring. Having a reliable technological partner is crucial for taking full advantage of the opportunities outsourcing provides. If you hire a company that will partner with you in solving all issues occurring during digital product development, you will have free resources to focus on what is crucial for your business.

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E-book on how to motivate IT employees.

Appchance on 11 October 2017

how does facebook motivate its employees

The IT industry is subject to highly dynamic change due to continuous innovations. Working with new technologies requires continuous learning and assimilation of new information. Therefore, managing a team of developers is a special challenge for managers. Programmers are often very demanding people, with very good technical skills, who prefer coding to dealing with organisational matters. That is why it is very important to know their motivations and make the right use of that knowledge.

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Why do we need an MVP?

Appchance on 25 September 2017

MVP why we need this

When we create a product for a client, we want it to fully satisfy their needs. We come up with and create functions and predict whims of the target group. We focus on ensuring a maximum product efficiency, so that our client will choose our solution, and not the solution from our competition. Such an approach can lead to exhaustion of resources before the product launches. How to prevent this?

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Make your team stay effective – low performance management.

Appchance on 16 August 2017

Make your team stay effective – low performance management - cover photo

Where does employee efficiency come from? It is related, among others, to their motivation and competency level. It is then vital already at the stage of recruitment to adequately define and verify these parameters and build a plan for employee development. Before the recruitment, it is also a good idea to consider a wider team context.

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Business Model Canvas vs Lean Canvas.

Kasia Wolska on 4 July 2017

lean canvas vs business model canvas - cover photo article

Business Model Canvas is a basic tool for defining the way of the functioning of a business. It is a simplified model of a business plan, which is used to verify the quality delivered to clients based on the market conditions. The model enables you to logically examine the relationships within your activity, take a close look at your own proposition and judge it rationally. Business Model Canvas is also a kind of a test – is your business matched with the clients’ needs, and is your proposition profitable?

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How to motivate developers?

Kasia Wolska on 4 July 2017

motivation in IT cover article

In a short questionnaire, we asked our developers to indicate which aspects are effective motivators. The most important aspects were: learning opportunities, bonuses and the overall attractiveness of a project. The experiment aimed at finding a balance between financial and non-financial motivators which many companies consider. Therefore, finding methods that would boost engagements, build a sense of community or accountability turned out to be a very interesting subject.

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How to choose the right software house?

Appchance on 27 June 2017

Tablet and caffe - how to choose right software cover photo

The process of creation of digital products depends on the choice of the right software provider. Therefore, defining your own preferences, good research and setting your requirements against the services provided should be an inseparable part of the decision-making process. There are a lot of software houses on the market that can boast various achievements. It doesn’t mean, however, that they will be the right partners for developing your product. While making the decision, it is important to specify your own requirements and create a checklist which will help you check the companies’ credibility and fit to your needs.

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