The Diet & Training by Ann diet endorsed by Anna Lewandowska and her associated online shop reached a big popularity in Poland in a very short time. To meet the growing demand from customers, the project creators decided to distribute the services and products also through smartphones.

Our goal

Building the iOS and Android apps using the infrastructure of the website Maintaining all website parameters while ensuring the system’s efficiency.

Our work

We created a native application displaying content in WebView, in which users can adjust their diet according to their goals, own parameters, preferences and lifestyle. It lets them generate a diet, monitor the effects, replace meals, create shopping lists, quickly access the information from the blog and the shop with offers. The users can also buy diets in the app (in-app purchase), which makes the transaction more convenient and quick. There are two types of authentication: finger prints matching and iTunes password. The app is another sales channel for diets endorsed by Anna Lewandowska and is very popular among users. Monthly traffic is about 4600 active users, spending an average of 13 minutes in the app per day.

We were responsible for:

Consultations consulting UX and UI design
iOS programming the iOS app
Android programming the Android app
Tests testing the app
Conceptual work workshops
Sticker design
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mobile app
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