People who sail the seas and oceans have been facing the uncertainty about the place where they could berth their boats. Only after reaching a marina could you find out if there was a place for you. Look Marina is a startup that solves this problem. The app makes it easier to plan the journey giving the users the option to search and book spots at marina that meet their expectations.

Our goal

Creating a reliable system for sea voyage aficionados, helping the verified harbors where the user could berth their boat. Building a complex tool for planning the journey, offering a range of functionalities.

Our work

An app enabling the user to locate harbors on the coasts of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, providing all necessary information about the place of stay, with prices and booking options. Apart from information about the harbor, the app also provides descriptions of interesting spots around it. Moreover, the user can plan their voyage and create routes, assigning harbors to them. A dependable recommendation system lets you choose verified places and offers a greater customization of the offers. The app has 7000 users on Android.

We were responsible for:

iOS programming the iOS app
Android programming the Android app
Tests testing the app
Conceptual work workshops
CMS creation of the CMS panel
UX design
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mobile app
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