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First of all, we are flexible, adapting our process to your needs and requirements. However, we always strive to place the end user at the center of the design and application development process.

Our approach

01 Concept

No matter at what stage of work on the application you are, you can count on our support in the design of application concept. We do it both in the form of individual consultations and workshops, during which the interdisciplinary team goes through a clearly defined process in the spirit of Human Centered Design. In the process, we include all three key perspectives: the needs of the end user, business goals and technological feasibility.


02 Strategy

While working with you on the digital strategy, we focus on the best possible combination of business goals, end-user needs and the opportunities offered by available technologies. The most attractive and stable business solutions and innovations are created at the interface of these three areas.


03 Product Design

We care not only for providing a beautiful interface (UI) of the application, which will be understandable for each user, but also for user experience (UX) at every point of contact with the brand. During design phase, we take into account both the physical and psychological context of the user. In the design process, we also take into account the business objectives and business model as well as the available technologies that we consult on a regular basis with our software engineering team.

04 Development

We specialize in creating high-end mobile and web applications. We employ the best and most talented programmers, testers and project managers who ensure that the software we create for our clients is fast, stable and scalable. The high quality of the code is provided not only by the individual competences of the team members, but also by thought-out and tested procedures. As we follow and test the latest technologies on an ongoing basis, our clients can count on our engineers not only in the field of software development, but also for technology consulting.


Quality assurance

Properly planned and carried out tests are an indispensable element of the application development process. Based on previously prepared test scenarios, our experienced team of testers perform manual and automatic functional tests verifying the correctness of new application functions and regression tests aimed at re-checking older functionalities. During programming work we also perform automatic unit tests, the purpose of which is to detect irregularities at the source code level of the application. Additionally, to ensure the highest quality of the source code, we conduct code reviews.

05 Measure and learn

Most business successes result from the continuous tuning of the product to the needs of customers and changing market conditions. In order to understand well what your clients need, you should collect data about their behavior in the application or on the website. Measuring properly selected indicators is necessary to be able to draw accurate conclusions and implement appropriate changes.

Measure and learn Measure and learn

06 Continuous Improvement

The development of a digital product, such as a mobile application, a web application or a website is a continuous work. If you have the right team and you are aware that the publication of the application is just a start of the journey, you have a much better chance of achieving success.

Continuous Improvement

Miłosz Wójcik

Our CEO & co-founder

"By choosing Appchance, you can be sure you are choosing a Business and Technology Partner, not just a sub-contractor for the application. With great pleasure and commitment, we'll go through the whole process of creating the application with you, and then we will support you in its optimization.We believe that the process that puts the user's (human) needs in the center, leads to the best business results."