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The high costs of keeping a car, the decreasing number of parking spaces and problems connected with the overcrowding of cities and increasing smog density have led to a growing number of people interested in the idea of carsharing. City-dwellers are not only tired of the ever-growing number of cars per capita and the traffic jam caused by them, but are also more aware of negative socio-ecological consequences of such growth. Click2Go decided to give inhabitants the option to rent an ecological new generation hybrid car with a few taps.Thanks to that, the users can quickly and conveniently move in the city, saving the environment and the contents of their wallets.

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iOS development

Programming the iOS app.

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Android development

Programming the Android app.

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Quality Assurance

Testing the app.

click2go app on smartphones

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click2go app on smartphones

Our goal.

Creating mobile apps for iOS and Android which would integrate the elements delivered by the client (the database, web services, and hardware from the car) with mobile software. Providing a well-operating system to rent cars and automate processes: tracking location and route, charging the ride. Taking care of the system’s intuitiveness - building an easy-to-use and user-friendly app which would simplify the process of renting a car.
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click2go app on smartphones

Our work.

Click2Go lets you rent a car with an iOS or Android app. The user can locate a car, verify info on it and book it with the app. They have 15 minutes from booking to get to the car and open it with the app. The charge starts one minute after turning on the engine. The rates for the ride are constant regardless of the number of queries and depend on the duration of the ride and the distance covered (there are no tariff multipliers). The driver can end their ride and park their car in any place in the zone without additional fees, or use the stop option, in which a rate for the minute is used. After the rental is over, the app sums up the ride and automatically charges the user from the card or account money. We used the Espago library to configure the moneybox accounts(the pre - paid amount) and adding cards.The app lets you comfortably move in the city without worrying about additional costs, service, gas, parking space or insurance.

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click2go app on smartphone

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