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Stokrotka is a traditionally Polish retail chain store. The company was founded in 1994 in Lublin, and today it boasts over 800 points of sale located across Polish housing estates, mini-shopping malls as well as larger shopping centres across Poland. Stokrotka is one of Poland's most dynamically developing chain supermarkets.


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Consulting UX and UI design.

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UI/UX design

From flow charts and wireframes to high quality designs

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iOS development

Programming the iOS app.

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Android development

Programming the Android app.

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Quality Assurance

Testing the app.

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Our main challenge was to develop a native loyalty app for both Android and iOS. Company strategy stated that the app was to glue the offline and online sales, as well as provide real-life benefits to Stokrotka customers.
application Stokrotka

What we did.

We were tasked with implementing and integrating a loyalty programme devised by Loyalty Point into the mobile app of our own design, considering its UX and UI a priority. A series of workshops proceeded our design process, where we considered in detail end customer profiles and the company's business aims. Additionally, we collaborated on the project using creative methods to work out interesting and useful functionalities for the app. Bearing on the workshops, our team presented draft mock-ups, which were then adapted and improved in cooperation with Stokrotka. In technological issues, Stokrotka and Appchance opted for Flutter, a multiplatform native toolkit, which makes it possible to develop apps for smartphones with Android or iOS alike. You can learn more about Flutter here: In the course of the project, we developed a native app marked by:
  • an exciting loyalty programme
  • a tutorial, guiding users through the entire app
  • clear and simple design.
Using the app, users can easily access a variety of functionalities, such as:
  • current special offers
  • loyalty card
  • current product flyers
  • vouchers
  • sticker reward programme
  • shopping lists
  • receipt history
  • current number of 'petal points' collected under the Stokrotka loyalty programme
  • location map for all Stokrotka stores.

But don’t take our word for it!

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