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VeriCardia is a medical app meant for patients who would like to consult a specialist on their ECG results. ECG results are interpreted by certified cardiologists, who provide a reliable personalized report on the heart health based on the supplied ECG results.


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Consulting UX and UI design.

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UI/UX design

From flow charts and wireframes to high quality designs

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iOS development

Programming the iOS app.

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Android development

Programming the Android app.

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Quality Assurance

Testing the app.

VeriCardia app

Our task.

We were asked to create an intuitive patient-friendly mobile application that allows patients to consult a cardiologist on their ECG results quickly. Moreover, we were responsible for developing a portal for cardiologists alongside the patient portal that intuitively guides the patient through each step of the process: first, uploading ECG results, then, adding an additional description of worrying symptoms, payment, all the way to scheduling a phone consultation. Having attached the ECG records (which may also be generated from Apple watch) the patient receives a personalized heart health report along with a set of recommendations, both prepared by a licensed medical practitioner.
VeriCardia app

Our work.

To meet our client's requirements and based on our expertise, we decided that Flutter technology would provide the best outcome. This helped us developed a fully native app for iOS and Android, both smartphone and tablet-friendly. Carefully considering UI and UX, we intended to preserve the app’s simplicity and intuitive usability. What turned out to be a considerable challenge was to create the medical practitioner portal so that both the app and web versions would work alike. Our expertise, competence and experience translated into full customer satisfaction. We are currently working to develop the app's new functionalities.

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