Together we will develop a strategy for your product

Digital Strategy

We may be a software house, but we go beyond implementing IT technologies. We are your partners and guides in the world of mobile commerce. Our work begins with a session held together with our clients. We carry out a strategic review for each project: first, we try to learn as much as possible about your business and its needs, and only then do we plot solutions that will satisfy both your and your customers' requirements. Together we will build a complete solution as regards your business strategy, technology and functionality.


Customer Journey Workshops

Workshop sessions are meant to build a Customer Journey, which is a map or a detailed list of interactions a customer engages in when dealing with your business or brand. Preparing such a map is vital in identifying strong and weak points within your sales pathway, but it can also help establish touch points. This way we may determine together where, or at which touch point, it is essential to employ a mobile strategy.



Design Sprint is a five-day process session during which we hold workshops with our clients to find out answers to key questions, make prototypes and test various ideas. Such a sprint shortens the time needed to create the fundamental project premises to just a week of intensive work. After which, you will receive tangible information based on a realistic prototype. This work mode gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with an app and customer feedback prior to any long-term commitments.



Design Thinking is a solution-based approach with best possible understanding of your customers' problems, needs and expectations at its core. Each time we design a mobile app, we focus on its end users: how it will help them, what problems it will solve and what action it will make easier. We strive to approach each problem from a variety of angles, to find new solutions and to think outside the box. As a result, our applications sweep users off their feet at first use :-)

Design Thinking applied will get you an application that is:

  • well received by users
  • technologically feasible
  • financially viable


Brainstorming is often the easiest way to find a solution for a given problem. We revel in teamwork to generate diverse ideas and notions. Consequently, the solutions that we provide are thought through and through, and custom made for your business project.

Our process
for solution implementation
and workshops
  • We discuss product ideas at a preliminary interview
  • We organise collaborative strategic workshops to learn business aims, client profiles and to establish product functionalities
  • We prepare a preliminary quotation
UX mock-ups
and technological
  • We prepare preliminary UX mock-ups based on the capabilities and flow agreed upon during the workshop sessions
  • Simultaneously, we hold technological workshops to discuss potential technology related solutions and threats
& Testing
  • Mock-ups undergo UX-centred changes, a UI version gets prepared
  • Next, we get busy developing
  • and integrating the solution
  • Finally, we follow up the process with tests
  • We conduct a secure data migration
  • Apps are published on Google Play and AppStore
  • Appropriately matched indicators are measured
  • Then, we draw conclusions and plan changes and further development accordingly
  • We continue to research customer needs