Support and project servicing

A partnership approach

The entire IT process is solution-centred on a tool that will carry out your business goals and respond to your customers' needs. Importantly, the finished software must be a long term solution. As external factors evolve, the demands each application answers may change in the course of years. Such alterations may include the way each app is used: new customer requirements may surface or there will arise a need for technical adjustments as new devices or system updates are introduced.



A Project Manager is assigned to each project. They will make sure that each increment is delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Projects are managed using agile methods and accurate tooling.



Based on pre-prepared testing scenarios, our experienced testing team runs manual and automated series of functional tests, to verify whether new functions perform properly, and regression tests to re-validate older functions and solutions. During programming we also perform automated unit tests to detect any flaws in the source code of the application.



We offer SLA packages (service level agreement) so that you can ensure continued effective performance of your app. Additionally, we offer error flagging and removal, system care, log review and analysis with results and monthly reports.


App rating

If a user rates an application positively, they will be redirected to Google Play or AppStore, while a user who gave negative rating, will be asked to fill in a feedback form within the app.



Developing digital products, such as mobile apps, web apps or websites, is a never-ending task, which consists in re-designing and building solutions, gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness, drawing conclusions and implementing changes - all on regular basis. If you have a good team and are aware that publishing an app will by no means end your work, your chances of success grow significantly.

Our process
for solution implementation
and workshops
  • We discuss product ideas at a preliminary interview
  • We organise collaborative strategic workshops to learn business aims, client profiles and to establish product functionalities
  • We prepare a preliminary quotation
UX mock-ups
and technological
  • We prepare preliminary UX mock-ups based on the capabilities and flow agreed upon during the workshop sessions
  • Simultaneously, we hold technological workshops to discuss potential technology related solutions and threats
& Testing
  • Mock-ups undergo UX-centred changes, a UI version gets prepared
  • Next, we get busy developing
  • and integrating the solution
  • Finally, we follow up the process with tests
  • We conduct a secure data migration
  • Apps are published on Google Play and AppStore
  • Appropriately matched indicators are measured
  • Then, we draw conclusions and plan changes and further development accordingly
  • We continue to research customer needs