ASO: 6 examples of good and bad practices applied by well-known brands

Appchance on 12 February 2019

ASO: 6 examples of good and bad practices

Despite the many materials written about good practices in the field of ASO, a number of companies still make some basic mistakes. Perhaps this is because of a lack of knowledge on the subject or perhaps some difficulty in putting theory into practice. So, today we would like to supplement our article on ASO principles with some examples of good and bad practices in this field.

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Passing data between fragments using ViewModel

Patryk Kubiak on 17 January 2019

Android Jetpack was released by Google to fulfil three main objectives: acceleration of programming, removal of redundant code, and improvements to product quality. For half a year Google has been trying to convince us to use their components. But there are problems, which have prevented developers from using Jetpack. One of these is the new way of passing data between the fragments, which I want to explain in this article.

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7 Trends in Mobile Design for 2019

Lukasz Krzemiski on 10 January 2019

We live in times of ever-changing technology, where new ideas emerge on a daily basis. Just when we thought that everything we need is already on the market, a new product or service suddenly appears. 2019 is already promising to be extremely exciting in terms of changes to come, so have a look.

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What is a Functional Specification and How to Create One

Kasia Wolska on 6 December 2018

The functional specification document accurately acquaints the software house with the client’s expectations and performs two main functions: it provides a cost evaluation of the project and defines what the development work should be conducted. Check out the elements of the correct specification and download our free template.

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Appchance Distinguished Amongst the Clutch 1000!

Appchance on 3 December 2018

This holiday season, we have an extra special recognition to celebrate and we are very excited to share our news with you, our esteemed clients: We’ve been featured as one of the Clutch 1000, or the companies with the highest “ability to deliver” scores participating on the platform! For the past two years, we’ve taken bold steps in creating the best digital products for your businesses and documented our client reviews on the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform for the global technology services industry,

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Why Becoming an Android Developer is Worth Your While?

Tobiasz Olejnik on 20 November 2018

Sooner or later in the life of every developer there comes a moment when they have to decide which field of technology seems the most interesting to them and find out which tools allow them to solve certain problems. If you are wondering whether programming for the Android operating system is for you, today I will present the advantages, tools, programming languages for the Android platform and maybe I will help you to make a decision.

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Mobile Apps – An Essential Part of Mobile Strategy for Online Stores

Appchance on 7 November 2018


There has been lots of talk about e-commerce for many years now. But now, the subject of m-commerce is coming to the fore, due to the growing popularity of people using their mobile devices to make purchases. That is why retailers face a difficult question: Is it worth investing in a native application to sell their products, or is it enough to just make their online store work with mobile devices?

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5 tools that make cooperation between a designer and a developer more efficient

Lukasz Krzemiski on 18 October 2018

Cooperation between a designer and developer is about exchanging a very large amount of precise information about the app or website’s interface. Good communication influences the efficient execution of the whole project and delivering it on time and of expected, high quality. There are many tools whose task is to make this process simpler. In this article, I am going to present five of them: InVision, Zeplin, Avocode, UXPin and Sympli hoping to help you make your own choice.

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