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<strong>How to use behavioral data to personalize CX</strong>

October 02, 2023

Full personalization involves much more than just addressing each user/customer by their name. It’s a strategy that involves a thorough analysis of customer behavior and interests and responding to them with tailor-made messaging and offers. In this...
<strong>Gamification in mobile apps: Our how-to guide</strong>

October 02, 2023

If you want to engage your customers, gamification is one of your best bets. Adding a game component to your app can turn your mobile app into something fun, and customers can start using your app because it's engaging and not just useful. In this...
<strong>Trends in the retail industry in the latter part of 2023</strong>

September 01, 2023

Innovation and technologies that enable fast communication and transfer of information have a huge impact on the rapid spread of trends in the retail industry. The digital age has a lot to do with the transformation that is taking place in the market. If...
<strong>Mobile apps help you keep your clients happy and engaged</strong>

August 29, 2023

In 2022 alone, 255 billion mobile apps were downloaded. Today, they play a significant role in the retail and e-commerce sector. A well-designed mobile app can help you increase UX and keep your customers engaged for a long time. How so? In this article,...
M-commerce in times of crisis

July 24, 2023

In 2022, for the first time in history, e-commerce plunged below 0% growth. Customers worldwide are buying fewer products and trying to save money. This means online stores need to rethink their strategies and implement some remedial actions. For one...
<strong>Flutter vs. React Native – The next best technology when it comes to mobile apps</strong>

June 22, 2023

W ostatnich latach na intensywny i dynamiczny rozwój e-commerce znaczący wpływ miało coraz większe wykorzystanie urządzeń mobilnych do zakupów online. W rezultacie dzisiaj mówimy o m-commerce. Według Pew Research Center około 81% Amerykanów...
<strong>Mobile apps boost sales! What you have to know about apps</strong>

April 22, 2023

Mobile commerce market share went over 70% in 2020 (compared to 52.4% in 2016) and is expected to reach 73% in 2021. Consequently, online business owners should take a closer look at that channel of sales. One of the most popular ways to increase your...
<strong>What your business gains when you switch to Flutter technology for your app development</strong>

March 22, 2023

Android i iOS to obecnie główne systemy operacyjne przeznaczone dla urządzeń mobilnych.
<strong>6 engaging loyalty programs for mobile apps</strong>

February 22, 2023

Dobrze przemyślany program lojalnościowy to świetna okazja, żeby zwiększyć sprzedaż, przyciągnąć nowych klientów i budować lojalność wśród aktualnych.
<strong>Mobile marketing trends for 2022</strong>

January 22, 2022

Na początku każdego roku dokonujemy przeglądu najlepszych praktyk i trendów w m-commerce na kolejne dwanaście miesięcy.