Looking for an e-commerce platform or a web app


Each website or app we create has a unique UI and UX design, as well as advanced back and frontend solutions. Whatever your business idea (e-commerce, web app, B2B service), we will design each and every solution you desire.

System solutions


It's a reliable technology which is often used in top solutions and apps. Python is being actively developed and has a wide range of users worldwide. It is one of the most popular programming languages, considering a variety of metrics such as the number of projects or libraries created, as well as individual programmers' preferences.

System solutions


Typescript is a free programming language created and developed by Microsoft. This language is devoted to creating large web applications.

System solutions


JavaScript Object Notation is a data encoding format that was designed to eliminate the need to use an ad-hoc code to communicate with servers. The JSON scheme is supported by many programming languages, such as C, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP and Python. It's a text formatted data which uses additional libraries for each programming language. API, or application programming interface, is a module used by servers to share functions and data with clients. API stores operations carried out by the server-side based on requests send in by the client.

System solutions


This is predominantly a JavaScript library, which makes it possible to create simple web applications based on Model-View-Viewmodel (MVVM), and consisting of multiple components. This library is characterised by a range of intuitive add-ons, which make programmers' work easier.


In Appchance we create responsive frontend, which makes the website display perfectly on smartphones and bigger computer screens alike. We bear in mind all functions that must be readily available to users, and combine those functionalities with best visual features.


This is the layer of software responsible for storing, managing and sharing data. It is the part of a website or mobile app that customers don't see, but which is essential to achieving the end goal.

Our process
for solution implementation
and workshops
  • We discuss product ideas at a preliminary interview
  • We organise collaborative strategic workshops to learn business aims, client profiles and to establish product functionalities
  • We prepare a preliminary quotation
UX mock-ups
and technological
  • We prepare preliminary UX mock-ups based on the capabilities and flow agreed upon during the workshop sessions
  • Simultaneously, we hold technological workshops to discuss potential technology related solutions and threats
& Testing
  • Mock-ups undergo UX-centred changes, a UI version gets prepared
  • Next, we get busy developing
  • and integrating the solution
  • Finally, we follow up the process with tests
  • We conduct a secure data migration
  • Apps are published on Google Play and AppStore
  • Appropriately matched indicators are measured
  • Then, we draw conclusions and plan changes and further development accordingly
  • We continue to research customer needs