What information does a software house need to price a project?

Appchance on 6 December 2017

An accurate verification of requirements for creating a product allows a software house to provide the pricing to the client. The quality and quantity of information provided influences the accuracy of estimation. Definitively, you need ask yourself a question – what information will the provider need to understand the way the product should function and what logic and input data will help describe the technology.

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The great web app schism – a short story about the separation of concerns.

Damian Romanów on 23 November 2017

Websites which do not require a full page refresh after the initial load are called Single Page Applications. Fetching additional data and redrawing it in the user screen is performed at the client’s browser. That results in a native-like experience. In spite of their undeniable superiority, adopting SPA should be a conscious decision, not a result of herd instinct. The additional complexity they introduce needs to be handled somehow.

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Thoughts on UX Poland 2017.

Jakub Kośla on 31 October 2017

Interactions and new interfaces – artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality. These are the main themes of the UX Poland 2017 conference, which took place in Warsaw for the eighth time now. This is the largest event of its kind in Poland – it draws usability specialists and designers from all over the world.

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Handling Time Zones on iOS.

Grzegorz Skibiński on 30 October 2017

The development of mobile applications means an implementation of sending and downloading of data. When sending data, an event time that depends on the location must often be included. And here’s where a dilemma occurs – how to correctly send the date and time to a server taking into account the user’s time zone?

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Who is who in a software house?

Kasia Wolska on 18 October 2017

If you know the range of activities people you work with it is easier to communicate and cooperate. Things are not so obvious when it comes to IT industry. That’s why today we share an explanation of responsibilities of employees working in a software house.

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E-book on how to motivate IT employees.

Appchance on 11 October 2017

The IT industry is subject to highly dynamic change due to continuous innovations. Working with new technologies requires continuous learning and assimilation of new information. Therefore, managing a team of developers is a special challenge for managers. Programmers are often very demanding people, with very good technical skills, who prefer coding to dealing with organisational matters. That is why it is very important to know their motivations and make the right use of that knowledge.

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Tester talks: Exploratory testing – when is it important?

Karolina Tomaszyk on 28 September 2017

Exploratory testing, also known as ad-hoc testing, allows the tester to simultaneously learn the application and verify its correct functioning. This type of tests is the opposite of scenario tests. It is worth using this test method if the project lacks complete information about the app, such as a detailed specification. I personally don’t know a tester who doesn’t use this method, even if unconsciously.

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Why do we need an MVP?

Appchance on 25 September 2017

When we create a product for a client, we want it to fully satisfy their needs. We come up with and create functions and predict whims of the target group. We focus on ensuring a maximum product efficiency, so that our client will choose our solution, and not the solution from our competition. Such an approach can lead to exhaustion of resources before the product launches. How to prevent this?

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